NEXT EVENT: LAS VEGAS, May 3-4, 2019
NEXT EVENT: LAS VEGAS, May 3-4, 2019
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Introducing Heavy Academy 2.0


Introducing Heavy Academy 2.0

Go to the next level!

If you've already graduated from Heavy Academy 1.0, now is your chance to continue your learning with Heavy Academy 2.0.

Available only to past attendees, this next-level experience will further your training. Get more time with experts, and gain a deeper understanding.


May 3-4, 2019
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
$1,500 per attendee 
When you purchase one ticket, you can purchase a guest ticket for $500 
Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Venue


The Venue
750 E. Fremont Street,
Las Vegas, NV 89101


We’ve got a jam packed two days in store, focused on filling your brains to the brim with business wisdom. Here's a rundown on session topics.


Gain a deeper understanding on how to price margins appropriately while getting order fulfillment squared away on the front end.


Everything you need to know about the structure and legalities associated with running a successful giveaway. This includes step-by-step advice on how to word your initial promises, setting up registration and how much lead time is needed to process smoothly.


We want to provide you with our behind-the-scenes knowledge on how to collect customer cash. If you’ve already implemented Shopify into your business structure, use this as an opportunity to share best practices.


Take a deep dive into the best social media platforms to utilize for marketing promotions. Plus, learn tips on growing your network and activating those already established followers.


Not all content is created equal! Gain hands on experience and learn the best tactics to produce and edit high-performing social content for yourself.


This session will be focused on the customer experience and process behind implementing an effective lead funnel and flow. You spend lots of times drawing customers to your business– don’t let them slip through the cracks.


Having a hard time finding the right influencers for your business? We’ll teach you which online platforms to prioritize, when to pay an influencer and how to ensure your content is on message.


Have a specific business question or challenge? Don’t tackle it alone. Heavy D Sparks will be providing personalized business coaching for those in need.


Subject to change

Time May 3 May 4
11:15 AM Van Oakes
Cole Cannon
Corp Loopholes
1:00 PM  John Coyle
Low Barrier Giveaways
Rob Bailey
Fulfilment/LTV of Customer
1:45 PM  Nick Shackleford
Building 9 Figure Brands
Van Oakes
2:30 PM  Sam Venning
Heavy D
Influencer Deals
3:15 PM  Panel Panel
4:15 PM  Heavy D
Rob Bailey
5:00 PM  Networking and Drinks Networking and Drinks


Tickets to this event are limited and are available as follows:

  • Individual Ticket: $1,500 - a single registration to the conference.
  • Bring-A-Friend Ticket: $2,000 - includes a single registration ticket plus a guest registration.

Only available to past attendees!


Don't own your own business? Not looking to be an entrepreneur? Don't miss out on all the fun. Attend the keynote talks and benefit from life coaching from some of the biggest names in the game. This ticket allows you entrence to the Heavy Academy 2.0 from 3pm- 5pm where you will see both the panel and the final keynote of each day.

  • Keynote Ticket: $500


Van Oakes

Van Oakes

Van Oakes is the head of product development and marketing for DieselSellerz. He is an international public speaker for performance online marketing. His advanced media buying tactics helped push from a 7 figure to a 8 figure business. Featured on the Robust Marketer podcast, E-Commerce mastery live, and Affiliate World Conferences.


Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson

Why settle for a mediocre website experience?

Trevor Anderson specializes in website growth and expansion through regular A/B testing. His psychology and analytics-based testing can be found on high-growth sites across the country, including Guitar Center and


Nick Shackelford

Nick Shackelford

Nick Shackelford began his career as a millennial consultant for PepsiCo Restaurants focused on filling their stores with younger families. He then began media buying on behalf of Apple's team in Los Angeles and was a part of launching both the iPhone 7 and iPad Pro.

He co-founder and accelerated (largely due to the trend and was the first to launch that initiative back in 2017) and then parlayed that into working with a big time DR team under Tim Burd and he now sits in a nice middle area between a great content/DR shop and a pure performance media buying team he’s been building.

His expertise is in ecommerce, mainly consumer goods, but is currently leaning towards consumables as he has seen firsthand how that plays a huge role in raising LTV. He is also working with 7 figure dropshipping brands as well as established brands like Pupsocks, 5.11 Tactical, Qalo, diffeyewear and many more.


Cole Cannon

Cole Cannon (the law father)

"Give them what they need, take what you want." When Cole dies he hopes to only be incapable of two things 1) standing still and, 2) moving without direction. Access to the Diesel Bros attorney up close and personal. HBS, MPP, JD, & LLM-Tax (these letters mean nothing unless you win, and Cole wins...a lot). Father of 6. University instructor. Law firm owner. Meet the Law Father.

John Coyle

John Coyle

The architect of email marketing strategies that drive millions of dollars or eCommerce sales per month (and make up 20%-30% of overall revenue for the store)